Saturday, December 15, 2007

Listen To My Toes

The year is 1994........ Take That are riding high and bending low, 2Unlimited are proving there are indeed No Limits to the depths that dance music can sink, Oasis are but a twinkle in Noels eyebrow, and a very stoned performing arts student hands a cassette tape in as his final dissertation.

Here is the second installment of my musical trilogy, Listen To My Toes. I offer no explanation, as I prefer to let the album speak for itself. And speak it does. Like a fly caught in a can of Fosters, I have captured my 21 year old self, in all his student hating, dope smoking, telly watching. student hating, mirth making, taboo breaking, student hating splendour. It's even got gnomes in it (pyschologically they represent......, oh, I'll let you work it out)

So settle back, take your cue from the opening seconds and light up a fattie, it may make the next 74 minutes slightly more accessable. No, I make no apologies. Without this album there would be no Wrong Button, indeed, the Wrong Button follows on from Toes both musically, lyrically and literally. This is still my finest hour and proudest moment. Everything was alright as long as I didn't leave the house. I was, and ever will be, a legend in my own room. Forever the sesh goes on.

So now, after nearly 14 years, I invite the world to Listen To My Toes.

I have been alerted to the fact there are no track lisings in the file, so here are the track listings.

1) The Strangest Dream
2) Listen To My Toes
3) Vanilla Flavoured Shoes
4) There You Go Again
5) Crackle Crackle, Love That Noise
6) Domestic Violence
7) Histroy Repeating Itself
8) Ode To Clipper
9) Frank Butcher
10) Country Sounds
11) Would You Still Love Me
12) Fairytale Abstractions
13) Talking To Tarquin
14) The Music Police
15) Thermonucleur Underwear
16) Gallant Great and Golden Green Eyed God
17) The Trouble With Cupid
18) Stoned Trek
19) Rat Tat Tat, Sound
20) The Archeologist Song
21) Minor Adjustments To Ypur Mind
22) And It Goes Like This
23) Unhealthy Despair
24) 213
25) Doing The Wiggly Wormy
26) Gary Parry RIP
27) Pipe Concerto Mvmt 1
28) Pipe Concerto Mvmt 2
29) If You Discover Your Shoes Don't Fit
30) Tit


(part 1)

(part 2)


john (not lennon) said...

Stephen, thanks for the heads up on bw's bb, about the availability of the second album.

I'm gonna be lazy and wait til the corrected song titles are up before i download :D

so i guess we're going to get all 3 then huh?

Thanks again
...j (",)

warnakey said...

hey stephen,

just wanted to let you know i love listen to my toes. i think its ever better than the wrong button. its hilarious and so creative.

i really hope a lot of people get to hear this one too!

- eric

synthbaron said...

Maybe I'm weird, but I can't stop playing "Would you still love me"

john (not lennon) said...

you should consider alternative download sites as Sendspace can be a pain in the nads!

Brother John said...

I second the above comment. I managed to get hold of the Wrong Button (eventually, and thankyou!) but the others just time out, give up or whatever, claiming a server problem. ITs a shame as I'd love to hear them all.


Anonymous said...

I think that I'll never forget to listen tomatoes.

Thanks so much, Stephen