Saturday, December 22, 2007

My Poll

I am soon to be uploading the first album in the trilogy. After that I am considering four areas to catalogue.

1. The Acid Tapes. For each album in the trilogy there is a corresponding triptape. That's not to say I only took acid three times - oh no - but I did record three of my trips, each one markedly different, and each having a direct bearing on the album that followed. I am considering editing and uploading these as partners to their respective album in the trilogy.

2. Goodnight Eyeball. Before The Wrong Button, this was the original follow up to Listen To My Toes. A four movement experimental symphony boasting 99 tracks, it was never finished due to a mental breakdown. The first 10 or so tracks are finished, but I never joined all the bits together. There are also a lot of unfinished sections I am considering putting a suite together into a listenable order.

3. Trilogy outtakes and bonus tracks. There's a lot of this, and some interesting stuff.

4. Very early stuff. I'm considering calling this Treasures That Should Be Buried. There are some absolute gems.

Please vote in my poll, and let me know what you would like to hear. Please note there is no button for new stuff. It exists, some recorded but most in my head. Nothing for now but maybe in a few years.


laruchis said...

Hi there!

They all sound interesting to me.
But if I have to choose, I'll go for #4.
Thx a lot for the music & Merry Christmas.
All the best.


chadzwo said...

I also vote for #4. Thanks for the tunes.